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——» Moving Hoopla

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Today marks a great day to start officially blogging on my new blog.  Welcome, readers!  I am delighted that you have chosen to make yourself acquainted with my little corner of the blogosphere, I hope you will stick around.  I have been trying to work diligently on creating and banging out ideas for what it is that I really want to blog about but working as much as possible, while also managing and completing everything that goes along with such a huge move is quite difficult – as most would guess – and I am still currently banging out those ideas.    I would have to say that my life has been pretty chaotic these last few months, which have been leading up to my first international move.  Last weekend I made the move, I moved all my belongings to Austin, Texas!  Just my buddy, Sean, my kitty-cat, Briley, and myself and the long, chaotic drive.  I say chaotic because chaos seems to follow me – it’s been this way since my grand entrance into this world (my mother loves telling stories of my clumsiness as a young child and anyone who knows me can attest to my clumsiness/bad luck.)


It was a cramped ride all the way to Austin in the Uhaul.

I should bring you up to speed with what lead up to this last statement, because if you’re like most I have told this story to – you too think I may be a bit off my rocker or be very excited for me and the adventure that is about to unfold.  Those two reactions seem to be the most common reactions whenever I tell people what I am preparing to do.  You see, I live in a rather small town on the coast of Mississippi, Ocean Springs.  It’s a particularly quaint and quirky town, there is no shortage of wonderfully eccentric people.  Many people in the United States have heard of Hurricane Katrina and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I live in the area that has been devastated by both of these events.  Katrina wasn’t what made me really want to leave Mississippi, it was the BP oil spill that happened nearly three years ago that really was the final reason that I needed to make this difficult decision.  While most in the area seem to be uninterested in what the short and long-term effects of the oil and the use of dispersants in our water really mean for us and the people that we know, I am on the other end of that spectrum, I completely disagreed with the Government’s use of Corexic to fix the disaster.  That is a whole other discussion – perhaps for a later date?  I graduated from college a year-and-a-half-ago with my bachelor’s degree in journalism and since then I have had little luck in locating a remotely decent position within my intended field.  South Mississippi is a rather difficult area to pursue a fulfilling career in environmental journalism.  The April following my graduation, I decided to make the leap I had been talking about for quite some time and sold my car.  I now commute by bicycle and carpooling with friends.  So, let me make my way back to topic, this decision to commute by bike also helped in deciding what it was that I wanted out of my life and what I am willing to do to achieve that.  Also, lack of any real job opportunities made it that much easier to make the needed leap for such a grand move.  It also helps that my boyfriend is always down for a little adventure as well – so here we are – at the turning point I have been working towards for over a year-and-a-half.  I am going to be joined in my new life adventure with my boyfriend, Daniel, our two dogs, Brady and Leila, and our cat, Briley; along with our friend, Sara.  Now, we moving ourselves, our lives, and our animals to Latin America in search of new beginnings.  I hope you will decide to follow along as I embark on this new journey in the great game we call life.

♥ Alexandra Cathlin

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