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Pond Scum is Yum.

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_DSC0005Hello, lovely readers!

I hope your day has been as calm and lovely as mine has been, even though I had to work the entire day.  On a typical day, I probably would not describe my shift using calm or any other like adjective.  My job isn’t typically all that calm and often is quite frustrating and hectic, but anyone who works within the service industry can attest to this.  The last couple of years I have tended bar and waited tables at an awesome musical venue that doubles as a bar and restaurant, Government Street Grocery.  If you are ever on the coast of Mississippi and anywhere near Ocean Springs – check the place out, its stellar – it is in the heart of the historical downtown area.  Being a bartender is usually typically quite entertaining and the people who you get to know along the way make it that much better.  Today was one of those days when being stuck at work is not so disheartening.  Upon walking into work; I was presented with a lovely “going away present” from Rachel and, of course, I had to immediately open it.  She bought me some 10+ kiwi fruits (she knows how much I love my fruit!)  This week has been especially hard because it is my last week working at the Grocery.  My co-workers and all of the regulars who I have met over the last couple of years and made my job that much better, thus making it that much harder to move, but all good things must come to an end as they say.  Saturday is my final day…strange to say that.  I have worked within the service industry for over ten years now and I have dreamt about this day for so long now — now that it is here, I cannot quite believe it.  So, since today was a rather slow day, I decided to put my new present to use and concoct a delectable drink for myself – hence the reference to pond scum in this post’s title.  The kiwi seeds remind me of tadpole eggs and the green color of the drink reminds me of the ponds I played in frequently throughout my childhood.  There wasn’t a known drink name or recipe before I concocted this delicious medley, so don’t let the name fool you, it’s amazingly tasty and good for you too!  I did not put any alcohol in this drink, but a good vodka such as; Greygoose, Kettle One, or whatever your preference will blend perfectly.



WHAT YOU WILL NEED: One kiwi fruit, two to four slices of cucumber, orange juice, pineapple juice, soda water and a mortar and pestle ( two ounces of vodka, optional.)

This drink is rather simple to make and quite fun, especially if you like muddling as much as I do.   First, you are going to need to remove the skin from the kiwi and slice (or if you’re one to eat your kiwi with the skin still on, then by all means, skip this step.)  Once you have completed this, place the whole kiwi fruit and two to three slices of cucumber in your mortar and using your pestle, completely muddle all the contents in the mortar.  Now you’re finished with the most time-consuming part of this entire process.  Now, pour the muddled contents from your mortar into a tumbler or glass – whatever you have handy – and then add two to three ounces of both orange and pineapple juice and a splash of soda water.    I prefer this drink without much ice (I think it makes the drink a bit easier to drink but this is your preference.)  Shake vigorously and then pour, garnish with a cucumber and enjoy!  

Allan knows that is pays off to be the taste-tester.

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